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Our B-BBEE Status for 2013

Welcome to K 2013!

Sun Ace Malaysia 20th Anniversary

AUGUST 2013:
Celebrating 100 Years of PVC

JULY 2013:
Newly Appointed Laboratory Technician in East Africa

JUNE 2013:
Expanding Our African Business Market

MAY 2013:
Songwon Appoints Sun Ace SA As Distributor For Sub-Saharan Region

APRIL 2013:
Long Service Awards Celebrated - 19 April 2013

MARCH 2013:
Enterprise Development

Learnerships 2013

Long Service Recognised 2013

2013 : NOVEMBER Newsletter
Letter from Sun Ace South Africa Managing Director Gary van Eyk

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2013 : OCTOBER Newsletter
THE ‘K’ (kunststoffe, plastics) show has for more than half a century been one of the main catalysts for development in our industry. In recent years this role has been challenged by the emergence of a very active industry in China, but – not to be outdone – the Europeans (and specifically the industry in Germany) have come up with new and relevant technologies again this year, for K2013.

With over 3,000 exhibitors, K in 2013 will again be the undisputed flagship event of the industry and hence the ideal business and contact platform for inspirational ideas and forward-looking decisions. On over 168,000 sqm of net exhibition space in 19 exhibition halls, a comprehensive and clearly structured offering awaits you.

K fair 2013 from exhibitors viewpoint

The world's largest plastics trade fair attracted approx. 219,000 visitors, down 1,5% from K 2010 tally of 222,486 visitors. Approx. 58% of the visitors were from outside Germany i.e. up 20% on previous fair. Over 30,000 visitors came from south-east and central Asia. As the world's largest plastic fair the attendees have changed over the years. Every day of the fair visitors participate in a poll and this year one out of every two came with concrete plans to buy (Executives with the authority to buy). Previously companies used to bring allot of plant workers, now key decision makers come with specific investment interests. The next fair will be 19-26 October 2016.

Sun Ace Group alongside European partners Reagens S.p.A exhibited in Hall 6 and found the global collaboration stimulating. Many raw material suppliers exhibited and or visited K so this was an ideal opportunity to secure procurement contracts using group volumes says Gary van Eyk, Managing Director Sun Ace South Africa. It was evident that pressure on suppliers was a feature of 2013 versus 2010 shows. European suppliers are more open to negotiation than in the past. This unfolds into price stability for loyal local customers. Over 30 South African customers made the trip to Dusseldorf delivering the required return on the investment made by the Sun Ace team that travelled from Johannesburg. Machinery and equipment exhibits continue to be a feature of this fair and investment for new projects for 2014 were concluded during the fair, overall a very satisfactory result.
From left to right:
Alistair Calder (Sun Ace SA), Terry Coetzer (Sun Ace SA), Neil Stewart (Sun Ace Australia), Ian Lilja (Sun Ace Australia) and Gary Van Eyk (Sun Ace SA)
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2013 : SEPTEMBER Newsletter

Sun Ace Malaysia (SAM) celebrated their 20th Anniversary on 27/09/13 at Thistle Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Ryo Sasaki shared his personal story towards SAM, at first the investment was rejected by his late grandfather, however after a lot of persistence agreed to set up SAM plant in 1993. SAM was Ryo Sasaki’s first management project, and he was personally involved in the construction and development of SAM from the very beginning.

Diane Chua, MD of SAM and also a Director of Sun Ace SA, Kamsari, Operations Manager of SAM, were invited on stage to give their congratulation speech on the 20th anniversary.

All the SAM staff and their spouses together with international colleagues from the Group Technical Meeting and Members of the executive committee attended the ceremony. Many of our staff and their spouses came with beautiful and colourful batik clothing, and served the Batik Nite theme well.
A total of 9 people received the 20 years’ service award…they are including Kamsari, Frida, Wendy, Jaayakumar, Jonifar, Zahari, Mansor, Pei Pei & Ravi.The last programme of the evening involved the SCM and Management members, who acted in the production of Wong Fei Hong (Kenny Wong) and his life partner, Shi-San-Yi (Kamsari) vs. the villain (Reggie) with all the background music supported by Gary, Adam, Diane, Ian, Daniel and Koji. The event was highly successful and joyous. On behalf of the Sun Ace SA team, we wish our Malaysian colleagues many more successful years.

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2013 : AUGUST Newsletter
As part of the South African Vinyl Association, Sun Ace SA, together with SAVA celebrates 100 years of PVC. Looking back at history 100 years ago, the year 1913 seemed to be an important year for innovation and inventions. Like many great things in life, Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC - was first created thanks to multiple and accidental discoveries in different places at different times during the 19th century.

In 1913, Friedrich Heinrich August Klatte from Germany became the first inventor to receive a patent for PVC with a polymerization method for vinyl chloride using sunlight. The most significant breakthrough occurred in the United States when the company BFGoodrich hired the industrial scientist Waldo Semon to develop a synthetic replacement for the increasingly costly natural rubber. His experiments again produced polyvinyl chloride. However, the material was threatened by the recession in the 1920’s and it was under threat of abandonment that Semon conceived the idea of PVC as a water resistant coating for fabrics. Sales took off quickly with a rapidly expanding product range. Demand accelerated again during the Second World War, when PVC quickly replaced traditional material to insulate wiring on military ships.

During the 1950's many more companies started to produce PVC and volumes increased dramatically around the world. Developers quickly found further, innovative uses through the decade and refined methods to enhance durability, opening the door to applications in the building trades. By the middle of the 20th century, five companies were producing PVC, and ground-breaking uses for PVC, or ‘vinyl’ as it is also known, continued to be found during the 1960’s. Vinyl-based latex was used on inflatable structures and fabric coatings, and at the same time, methods for improving PVC's durability were developed.

By the 1980s, twenty companies were producing PVC. “Today, PVC is the third largest-selling commodity plastic in the world after polyethylene and polypropylene. PVC's low cost, excellent durability and process-ability make it the material of choice for dozens of industries such as health care, IT, transport, textiles, manufacturing and construction”. (D. Bezuidenhout, SAVA CEO)

Sun Ace South Africa looks forward to celebrating another 100
successful years of PVC.
(From left to right: G. Van Eyk (SAVA Chairperson), D. Bezuidenhout (SAVA CEO)
and Jan Venter (SAVA member and SAPPMA Chairperson)
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2013 : JULY Newsletter
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2013 : JUNE Newsletter
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2013 : MAY Newsletter
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2013 : APRIL Newsletter


Top left to right: Alpheus Moghale (Plant Operator), Alistair Calder (Technical Sales Manager), Oupa Mgoduswa (Plant Operator) - 10 Years

Bottom left to right: Kim Landsberg (Sales Administrator),
Gary van Eyk (Managing Director), Andrew Brugmann (Production Manager),
Frans Papole (Plant Operator) absent.
2013 : MARCH Newsletter


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2013 : FEBRUARY Newsletter

What is a learnership?

A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to a nationally recognised qualification. It is made up of unit standards. The unit standards range from:

Fundamental: Basic skills such as literacy, mathematics and communication

Core: These are central to the qualification. Core unit standards have to be carefully chosen based on the most suitable for their occupation and most applicable to their workplace.

Elective: This depends on the type of qualification the learner will ultimately achieve.

A learnership therefore consists of theory-based learning, similar to that offered by tertiary institutions, as well as work experience. This makes it a highly effective form of achieving a qualification.

Duties of the employer

Companies must form a relationship with a training service provider who will provide the classroom based training for the learner. The learnership must be accredited by a recognised SETA. The employer must also pay the learner remuneration for the time they are enrolled in the learnership programme.

Duties of the learner

The learner must attend all classes and write all tests and exams. They also have to ensure they are present at work for the entire duration of the leanership to gain the maximum work experience and on-the-job training. They also have to abide by all the same rules and regulations applicable to other employees of the company.

Learnerships at Sun Ace SA

In 2011, Sun Ace SA implemented their first learnership programme which is described as ‘CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING NQF LEVEL 2’. The learnership is fully accredited by CHIETA (Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority), and is based on 12 months of theoretical and practical training. We are pleased to say that our first learner passed his qualification with outstanding results, and has been permanently employed here at Sun Ace.
Due to the success of the first learnership, we have implemented another, and this will run for the year 2013.

Sun Ace SA values the development of employee skills and abilities, and therefore allows its entire work force to apply for such opportunities. It is very important that employees become equipped with the right knowledge and skills to achieve work orientated as well as personal orientated goals, which improves employee morale and results in increased productivity, both of which are significant to the success of Sun Ace SA as a whole.
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2013 : JANUARY Newsletter



Sun Ace South Africa’s most valued investment continues to remain its people. Sun Ace South Africa’s high employee retention rate highlights the personal nature of our organization. We believe in recognizing performance and long service, and are proud of our employees' commitment towards furthering the company's vision through dedicated service.

Sun Ace South Africa takes great pride in our employees and wishes to recognize the following long service colleagues:

Gary van Eyk started the South African investment in 1996.  With his determination and the group’s vision and competence developed the company into a local manufacturing operation comparable with investments in first world countries, a successful foreign investment story and more recently, local market leader, is now celebrating 17 years of service as Managing Director.

Alistair Calder joined Sun Ace SA in 1998. Alistair’s processing and formulatory prowess’s, which is recognized by industry has contributed tremendously to this progress. Heading up the sales and technical portfolio’s, Alistair now celebrates 15 years of service.

Kim Landsberg
joined the sales administration team in 2000. Kim’s administration skills and dedicated customer service, has positioned the business into a reliable source of polymer additives servicing sub-Saharan African markets. Kim now celebrates 13 years of service.

Andrew Brugmann started in 2002, with the challenge to establish a competitive local manufacturing plant based on group technology. More recently Andrew has built a greenfield site with prime European processing capability, complimenting the groups’ objectives in heavy metal free technology. Outputs from the South African manufacturing operation are complimentary to the group standards. Andrew starts his eleventh year of service in 2013.

In 2003, under the firm and watchful eye of Andrew Brugmann, the dedication and hard work of Alpheus Moghale, Frans Papole and Oupa Mgoduswa started the local production process. These plant operators today ensure the company’s quality statistics are amongst the best in the group internationally. Such outcomes are derived from good manufacturing procedures executed consistently, every day. They all complete 10 years of loyal service by April 2013.

The loyalty, hard work, dedication and determination of these staff members contributes to the growth and success of Sun Ace South Africa, and therefore it is with great pride we recognize their service, and say thank you for all the dedicated effort that went into their responsibilities. Sun Ace appreciates this commitment and feels privileged to have them on our team.

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Archive 2006 : NOVEMBER News


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