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SUN ACE a multi-cultural company

The company was established in Japan in 1940 by Mr Toshio Yoshida (the company was originally known as Shinagawa Chemical) and has since grown and diversified into a leading global manufacture of speciality additives and chemicals. Today SUN ACE is part of a network with manufacturing facilities and offices in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

SUN ACE consists of employees from more than 25 countries and is expertly managed by a multi-cultural team of leaders. This cultural diversity makes SUN ACE highly adaptable to multiregional market requirements and enables its growth in the global arena.

Our Vision
We believe in dynamic growth through our multi-cultural team work and partnership. We aim to be a world leading suppliers of Speciality Additives and Service by focusing on multi-regional market needs.

Our Mission
We strive to satisfy our customer needs by supplying Quality Products and Services. Through the process of achieving our business objectives across borders, we aim to grow and enrich our individual lives. We believe the growth of SUN ACE as a responsible corporate citizen will contribute to our shareholders as well as to society.

At SUN ACE South Africa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore (, we believe in values such as quality, reliability, creativity and commitment. Values that we infuse into our company's culture and which forms the essence of our corporate vision and mission. Values that steer all our efforts to deliver good products and services to our customers.



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